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Never heard of telepharmacy or telemedicine? This is your chance to find out more about how you can seek medical advice on your medications from the comfort of your own home!

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Find Out More About Telepharmacy!

Telepharmacy is the provision of Pharmacy services remotely through computer, video or audio link!It is a unique and innovative way to deliver Pharmacy services. This includes dispensing Prescription-Only and Pharmacy (P) medication, pharmacist verification of prescription before dispensing, medication review and patient education/counselling.

Medication Delivery Service

Have your medications all packed and ready for you to reduce waiting time at the pharmacy, or opt for delivery to your house during selected hours. Find out all about Medication Delivery Service today! 

Watch this bite sized video to find out what is Medication Delivery all about!


Download this infographic in high resolution here:

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Locate Your Healthcare Provider to use Medication Delivery Service! 

Not sure how to enrol in medication delivery service with your healthcare provider?

Fret not, simply locate your public healthcare provider on the infographic below and click on the links to be directed to their respective medication delivery service web portal or site!

Download this clickable infographic in high resolution here:

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Ordering Your Medications
through HealthHub! 

Do you know you are able to order refill of your medications through HealthHub? 

Here is an infographic with step-by step instructions on how to order your medications!Skip the queues and order your medications in the comfort of your homes!

Download this infographic in high resolution here:

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What is PILBOX?​

Beat the queue at the pharmacy with PILBOX! Collect medicines at your convenience! PILBOX is a new service offered by SingHealth Polyclinics that allows you or your caregiver to collect your prescription refills anytime at your convenience, without having to queue at the pharmacy. PILBOX is currently available at Bedok, Tampines, Sengkang, Punggol and Marine Parade polyclinic.

How To Get My Medications?

If you have a minor ailment not resolved by pharmacy medications and/or requires doctor consultation (eg persistent fever, urinary tract infections, menstrual issues, migraine), do consider trying WhiteCoat or MyDoc! For electronic prescriptions and medication delivery after consultation, consider G-MEDS!

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Quiz Time!

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Here are the answers to the quiz.

Access Your Medications

1. Where can PILBOX be found?

Selected Singhealth Polyclinics       

2. Which of the following statements on medication delivery is false?

My medications can be delivered to me without a valid prescription from the doctor.

3. Which of the following is an advantage of Telepharmacy?

Allows medication counseling and asking medication-related questions without visiting the pharmacy.