Your Health At Your Fingertips

Gather tips and advice from our pharmacists on monitoring your health remotely! Join Mr. Ivan Chew and Dr. Cheryl Tan to find out more about how you can take charge of your health at home!

Mr. Ivan Chew

Business Development Director

Bionime Corporation

Dr. Cheryl Tan

Senior Clinical Pharmacist

National Healthcare Group

Mr. Reuben Loh


Woodlands Health Campus

Monitor Your Blood Sugar!

It is important to monitor your blood sugar for diabetic patients. Understand the rationale of monitoring your blood sugar and how to interprete your blood sugar levels using the infographic below! 

Download this infographic in high resolution here:

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Unsure how to monitor your blood sugar or use your blood sugar meter?

No worries, refer to the tutorial video below for step-by-step instructions on how to measure your blood pressure. You can also refer to the infographic below on how to select a suitable blood sugar meter!

Download this infographic in high resolution here:

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Here is a tutorial video on how to use a blood glucose meter by our sponsor Bionime!

Monitor Your Blood Pressure!

Does your blood pressure reading fall within the healthy range? Check out the infographic and blood pressure level chart below to find out! Learn what are the functions of your blood pressure meters and how to select an appropriate blood pressure meter for yourself and for your family!

Download this infographic in high resolution here:

English中文 | Malay

Download this infographic in high resolution here:

English中文 | Malay

Watch this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to measure your blood pressure accurately! Look out for useful tips and pointers when measuring your blood pressure in the video below:)


Live Healthy SG is a healthy population initiative developed in collaboration with the Health Promotion Board (HPB) in support of Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, powered by Fitbit devices and Fitbit Premium.

Live Healthy SG is uniquely designed for Singapore. Leveraging Fitbit Premium to deliver customised programs, personalised health and fitness guidance and individual behaviour insights to help participants adopt healthier habits to achieve better outcomes in the areas of physical activity, sleep, nutrition and emotional wellbeing.

Participants who enrol in Live Healthy SG and commit to one year of Fitbit Premium at $9.99 per month will receive a Fitbit Inspire HR for free.* In turn, data from participants will serve as a valuable resource that provides population insights to HPB to inform future health programs that will benefit Singaporeans in the future.

  • Free Fitbit device when you sign up*

  • Personalised health and fitness guidance to get healthier

  • Participate in a landmark nationwide health initiative

  • Be part of a Live Healthy SG community and meet other participants

  • Enrich future health programs for Singapore

Quiz Time!

Our contest is over! Thank you for participating in our quizzes! Lucky winners will be contacted via email!

Here are the answers to the quiz.

Healthcare At Your Fingertips

1.What is considered the normal blood pressure in healthy adults?

118/84 mmHg

2. Which of the following blood pressure monitors are not easy to use at home?

Mercury blood pressure monitor

3. The following individuals will benefit the most from regular home blood pressure monitoring: (select all that apply)

  • Patients with hypertension with/without medications

  • Pregnant women

  • Individuals with "white-coat" hypertension

4. Newer models of blood pressure monitors are able to detect irregular heartbeats.


5. Which of the following statements is true regarding diabetes or blood sugar level monitoring.

When blood sugar levels are too low, the patient should seek medical attention


6. What is considered a recent advancement in blood glucose meters: (select all that apply)

  • Second chance testing

  • High/low levels of blood sugar level alerts

  • Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices

  • Continuous blood glucose monitoring using implants