Medication Taking Tips!

Find out how you can better manage your medications through useful tips and advise from our friendly community pharmacist, Ms. Joyce Teo!

Ms. Joyce Teo


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Find it hard to handle your medications? Learn some tips and tricks to manage your medications better! You can use existing apps to set reminders to take your medications, or record missed doses. Still feeling old school? Make your own written version of a medication list to keep track!

Make Medication List

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Do you know you can create an electronic medication list on a mobile application? Not only that, you could also track your medical appointments, health and vaccination records as well as your blood tests results with a push of a button!

You can now access your medical records and manage your medications and medical appointments through one-stop portal, HealthHub!

Take Charge with HealthHub

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Medication Reminder

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Here's a short video on how you can manage your health and medications with HealthHub!


Never forget your medicines again!

ConviDose™ is a service that helps you arrange your medicines. The right amount of medicines are packed into each sachet according to the time you need to take them. If you have many long-term illnesses, it can be hard to remember if you have taken all the medicines. Convidose™ is an easy-to-follow system which allows you as a patient or a caregiver to manage medicines easily and spot any missed doses. To find out more about Convidose™, please call 6385 4595.


Manage your health at your fingertips!

​​SingHealth Health Buddy app empowers both our patients and the general public to take better care of their health by providing many useful e-services and helpful, trusted health information.

Features within Health Buddy app includes:

  • Medicines Order Service: Patients can conveniently order medicines refills, request for repeat prescriptions and opt for free home delivery via the app.

  • Medicine Information Leaflets online: Patients can look up the medicine information on the Health Buddy app by typing in the name of the medicine. For some medicines, patients can even scan the QR code on the medicine sleeve to directly view the medicine information in Health Buddy app.

  • Medicine Reminders: Patients can use Health Buddy app to set medicines reminders to remind themselves to take their medicines on time.

  • Health articles and videos: Patients can view trusted information on medical conditions, treatments, health tips and videos contributed by SingHealth doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

In addition, SingHealth’s Health Buddy app provides many convenient and hassle-free e-services to help patients save time and effort:

a) Make / Change Appointments lets patients view, reschedule or cancel their appointments at SingHealth’s institutions’ Specialist Outpatient Clinics and polyclinics.

b) Payments allows patients to skip the payment queue and pay their hospitalisation, outpatient and pharmacy bills from the comfort of their home.

c) Q Track lets patients register for today’s appointments, get queue numbers and monitor clinic queues before reaching the clinics.

d) Appointment Guru lets patients set appointment reminders, take photos of clinic visit documents / lab test forms and record voice instructions.

e) Personal Profile lets patients conveniently update their contact numbers, emails and mailing address so that we can contact them when necessary.

Quiz Time!

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Medication management made easy

1. Which of the following should be in a medication list: (select all that apply)

  • Name and NRIC number

  • Last updated date

  • Drug name, indication and dosage

2. Which of the following platforms can help you create a medication list?


3. What is ConviDose?

A service that helps you arrange your medicines.