Digitalisation in Pharmacy

Dr. Lou Huei Xin

Deputy Chief Pharmacist and Head, National Pharmacy Programme Management Office

Ministry of Health

The Pharmacy Transformation:
Past to Present

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Pharmacy: Past to present

1. How many logos of our sponsors are there in the Retail Pharmacy Virtual Tour?


2. Since 2009, we can now obtain our Prescription-only Medications via Telepharmacy with a valid prescription.


3. The Multi-Dose Medication Management (MMM) system packs medication into single sachets, where each sachet is labeled with the right dosage, date and time to be consumed.


4. Which of the following improves efficiency and accuracy of dispensing medications in Tan Tock Seng Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy:

  • Automated Filling Machine

  • Robotic Arm

  • RFID Baskets

5. Some pharmacies have a counseling room if you require more privacy.