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The Highlight - Live Carnival!

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Pharmacy Week Health Carnival is featuring a variety of healthcare related activities to promote holistic healthy living to you. Do join us in-person on 17 September 2023 @ Fernvale Community Club. Bring your friends, neighbours and families along!

You can stand a chance to win up to S$200 worth of shopping vouchers at our lucky draw by coming to our carnival*! What's more, at the end of each of our talks, there are also mini quiz questions where prizes can be won by our participants, so stay tuned!

Keen to find out who is speaking at each event? Check out our esteemed speakers below! Do follow our social media to keep updated with the latest happenings!

Talk Schedules

Image by Andres Siimon


Doing Our Part to Help Smokers Quit

Smoking negatively affects one’s health in many ways, increasing the risks of multiple health conditions and chronic illnesses. However, quitting may not always be easy.


Our speaker will be sharing some key tips, both for the smoker as well as for others who are encouraging and supporting their friends or loved ones to quit smoking. 

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Who are at risk of Fractures? Don't Fall For It!

Older adults are subjected to higher risks of falling, which may have potential devastating consequences including fractures and reduced mobility. Our speaker will be sharing insights on the factors affecting risk of fractures, as well as ways to prevent falls and maintain general bone and muscle strength.

Mental Health-01.png


Mental Health and Self-Care

Mental health is gaining awareness as a crucial component of overall well-being, not just physical health. Our panel speakers will share some tips on good sleep hygiene techniques and stress management strategies.

Carnival Booths

Garbage Bin


Are you disposing of your expired medications safely? Learn about expiry dates, efficacy, and proper storage methods of certain medications, and try your hand at binning them into their proper disposal locations. 

Assortment of Pills


Did you know which vitamins and minerals we can obtain from our diet, and which need to be supplemented? Learn more about the recommended daily intake through diet and, where appropriate, supplements, through an interactive game of matching them with their respective food sources. 

Doctor's Desk


With the rise of the digital age and online health information, it can be hard for individuals to distinguish accurate information from false news. Come down to this booth to learn how to identify reliable health information, and have a hands-on try at ranking popular health web references. 

Medicine Boxes


How much do you know about the '3 Highs' - cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure? Come down to the booth to learn more about how lifestyle changes and medications that can help to manage these conditions. Spin the wheel and see how much you actually know the “3 Highs”. 



Vaccination is the key to preventing some infectious diseases. Through an interactive board game, test your knowledge of common facts related to vaccines, and learn more about common vaccines such as the influenza and pneumococcal vaccines, as you move your way towards attaining “full immunity”.

*The booths and events for Pharmacy Week 2023 Carnival are subjected to changes.
All prize winners (lucky draw and talk questions inclusive) are selected at random. The Pharmacy Week 2023 Organising Committee reserves the right to re-pick a winning number if any ambiguity occurs. The prizes are not transferable, exchangeable for cash or exchangeable for any other items.*

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