The Highlight - Live Carnival!

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For the first time, our Pharmacy Week Health Carnival is featuring a hybrid of pharmacy, fitness and nutritional activities to promote holistic healthy living to you. Do join us in-person on 24 September 2022 (Saturday). Bring your friends, neighbours and families along!

And guess what? You can stand a chance to win up to S$200 worth of shopping vouchers at our lucky draw by coming to our carnival*! What's more, at the end of each of our 4 talks, there are also mini quiz questions where prizes can be won by both our physical carnival and livestream participants, so stay tuned!

Keen to find out who is speaking at each event? Check out our esteemed speakers below! Do follow our social media to keep updated with the latest happenings!


Speaker Profiles



Heart Health:
Heart to Heart Talk - The 3 HIGHs >>

Cardiovascular or heart diseases, such as a heart attack or stroke, is the leading cause of death globally. The infamous 3 highs - high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes, significantly increases the risk of these diseases. Adopting a healthier diet and getting sufficient exercise is crucial in reducing these risks!

Talk Objectives:

1. Raise awareness on the importance of cardiovascular health and its complications 

2. Encourage eligible people to go for health screening

3. In conjunction with fitness activities and dietary programmes, to educate on how to achieve better cardiovascular health through lifestyle changes


Cooking Healthy with Me >>

Feeling hungry at lunchtime, but not knowing what to eat? Come on over and learn from an expert dietician on how to cook up a storm of fast and healthy meals!

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Bone Health:
The Back-BONE to Good Health >>

Osteoporosis happens when bone mineral density decreases. The bones may become so brittle that an unfortunate fall could cause a fracture. While it affects both men and women, post-menopausal women are at the highest risk. However, not everyone knows about this disease, how they may be at risk and how to reduce this risk.

Talk Objectives:

1. For the audience to gain a better understanding of osteoporosis  - What is it? Who is at risk?   

2. Educate on screening and diagnosis of osteoporosis ​

3. Share on preventive and lifestyle measures such as adequate nutrition​,​ exercise and fall prevention methods


Fitness Class -
Les Mills Bodycombat >>

Les Mills Bodycombat is a high-energy martial-arts inspired full body workout. This class will be conducted by a Fitness First Les Mills instructor. What are you waiting for? Join us now!

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Vaccinations - 
You Call the Shots! >>

COVID vaccines would come to mind when we talk about vaccination. However, it is important to appreciate that there are many other vaccines which are recommended to prevent serious diseases. What vaccines are recommended for the elderly? How do vaccines actually work?  This session aims to address these questions and allow everyone to understand the importance of vaccination. 

Talk Objectives:

1. Pneumococcal and influenza vaccines - an explanation of what these vaccines are, and the general schedule of common vaccinations

2. Highlight the eligibility of such vaccines; encourage those who are eligible to receive vaccines, and the avenue to do so​


Mental Health:
It is Okay not to be Okay >>

There may be negative attitudes and beliefs on certain conditions, particularly mental health conditions. Given this stigma, it may be a barrier for people to step forward and seek medical help. It is important to show support to people around us who need it. The importance on mental wellbeing and stress management will also be covered in this session.

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Talk Objectives:

1. Allow the audience to understand the importance of showing support to those receiving or requiring treatment

2. Highlight the ways to manage stress and maintain strong mental health

3. Educate and introduce channels on how to receive mental health support or treatment if needed


Carnival Booths

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Are You Digital Med-Ready?
Fill up a personalised medication list to keep track of your medications!
Know Your Medicines
Think you know your medications well? Come down for a challenge!
They all look the same!
Small, round and white? Learn how to better differentiate similar-looking medications!
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White Cloud-01.png
​Get physical and make
your very own pill!
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Quit Smoking-01.png
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White Cloud-01.png

Stop smoking today!
Learn about the benefits of quitting smoking through a fun-filled game!
Do I need to see a doctor?
Do you know that many minor ailments can be self-treated? Come down and learn more about them!
How Sweet?
Like your beverages sweet? 
Let us show you how much
sugar they actually contain!
My Body
Perform a body composition 
analysis to find out your muscle 
mass, body fat percentage and 
What Pharmacists Do
Only see us at the dispensary?
Let us share with you more on 
what our pharmacists are 
involved in!

*The booths and events for Pharmacy Week 2022 Carnival are subjected to changes.
All prize winners (lucky draw and talk questions inclusive) are selected at random. The Pharmacy Week 2022 Organising Committee reserves the right to re-pick a winning number if any ambiguity occurs. The prizes are not transferable, exchangeable for cash or exchangeable for any other items.*