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"Let's Build a Healthier SG Together" - PW Co-Chairpersons' Address 2023

On behalf of the Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore (PSS) Pharmacy Week 2023 Organizing Committee, we are proud to present 'Take Charge towards a Healthier SG' – an event aimed at empowering Singapore residents to take steps toward better health. Our goal is to inspire the proper use of medicines, strengthen health-related practices, and promote self-knowledge of one's general health and well-being through our programs, ultimately supporting Singapore residents on their journey to take charge of their health.

As health policies evolve and the demographics of the Singapore population change, we strive to respond to the latest trends in the health needs of Singapore residents. We aim to identify community needs related to medicine and normalize accessible community health programs like Pharmacy Week to create a positive impact. This national event is a crucial public health project and a health movement that seeks to empower communities to take action toward better health.

We have an exciting lineup of online campaigns, videos, interactive booths, and live health talks. Come on board and join us in this impactful and exciting health project in September! We sincerely seek the generous support of all our sponsors, partners, and volunteers to make this event a success.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at our health carnival!

Cinny Lim & Mr. Myat Thu Kyaw

Co-Chairpersons of Pharmacy Week 2023

Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore

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